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New Event Announced On How We Can Improve Game Development in St. Louis

July 19th, 2017

By: Phil Stortzum

And by “we”, we’re talking about everyone who has interest in seeing the field of game development further grow, improve, and prosper here in St. Louis! It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, whether you have/want a career in game development, or any other of the nitty-gritty detail as long as you have an interest in simply improving our development community here in the Gateway City.

While the St. Louis game development community’s seen sizable expansion and increased size since even, say, five years ago, there is always — wait for it — room for improvement! (Ah, see how we tied it all together there?) Our community always yearns to better ourselves, and there is no better way to figure out how to do that than by hearing from developers and members within us.

This is why on Tuesday, August 1st from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m at Riot Games (1oth floor) located at 7777 Bonhomme in Clayton, MO, the St. Louis Game Developer Co-op will host a discussion in a lean coffee format. No, this doesn’t mean we all consume fat-free drinks from Starbucks, unfortunately, but what this DOES mean is that we’ll have a discussion where the members will be the ones to actually set the agenda for what will be talked about, as opposed to the discussion topics being predetermined by the moderator(s). The top topics that have been agreed upon by those present at the event will get discussed in as much depth as needed before moving to the next.

To get a better idea on the lean coffee discussion structure, here is a short but informative online read on it:

Of course, the St. Louis Game Developer Co-op is open for suggestions on how we can improve the resources, options, and tools available to everyone in the community year-round, even outside of events like this one, but this particular event’s main purpose and focus is to get some baseline objectives and actions in motion that the STL Game Dev Co-op board members (as well as to members in the community) can be responsible for doing. The results of our discussion will determine all that spiffy stuff!

To find this event’s specific page within our Meetup group, look no further than this link:

As always, we look forward to seeing all of you — this time on Tuesday, August 1st!


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